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Surprise the World #4 — Learn

Habit #4

We have been going over a sermon series called Surprise the World, which focuses on fostering five different habits. We are what we repeatedly do. And we understand how important small habits are in our lives. Our small habits lead us to where we want to end up. If the result we want is healthier teeth, we create a habit of flossing daily. If the result is a healthier body, we take our vitamins, eat clean, and exercise regularly. Just doing it once or doing it whenever we feel like doesn’t get us to where we want to go ultimately.

1 John 2:1–11

Today’s passage is a part of a sermon written to a church by John the Elder. And what he is writing here is how the knowledge of Christ goes hand-in-hand with the obedience to his commandments.

Why Are We Here?

Perhaps, what we desire here as a church is compassion. Perhaps, the motivation that brought us together here is compassion. We’ve wondered why compassion isn’t available to people who do not look like us or act like us. We’ve wondered why compassion isn’t offered to people who do not dress like us or eat like us. We’ve wondered why we didn’t give out that same compassion to those who are different. We’ve wondered why we didn’t receive that same compassion as others did.

Back to the Basics

This abstract vision based on Jesus’ abstract commandment sounds almost impossible — thus we need accountability, leadership, directions, and support. That’s where relationships come in. That’s where small groups come in. That’s where leaders come in. Just how people take workout memberships for a healthier body, take group classes to develop new skills, and attend accountability meetings to break off bad habits — we do this together step by step. When these elements work together by taking a small step together each day (1 John 1:7) when our compassion becomes a habit, that’s when this almost impossible commandant becomes possible; that’s when our faith gets to move mountains.



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